What exactly is a childminder?

A childminder is someone who looks after other people’s children in the childminder’s own home. Crucially, the maximum number of children a childminder can mind in their home at any one time, is six. This means that, unlike those in centre-based childcare, children who attend childminders are minded in small groups.

Siblings of different ages can be minded together, which makes everything feel more natural to children. Best of all, it takes place in a real home, one that the childminder has gone out of their way to make homely and welcoming.

Which is one more reason we think of childminding as home-from-home care.

Why childminding is a good job?

As a job, childminding offers a great deal of flexibility and creativity. Childminders are their own bosses so they set their own terms and fees. They work from home so there is no commuting to work. A big advantage for many childminders is that they can mind their own children at the same time as those they care for. This means saving on childcare costs while also ensuring their own children can thrive in a safe and fun environment.

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