Research confirms that childminding is different

Research has shown how childminding differs from other types of childcare. Childminding Ireland held Consultation Workshops in 19 locations around the country. ‘As we continued our consultation, it became clear that there were consistent themes emerging throughout the country, and those themes highlight the unique nature of childminding’ explains Bernadette Orbinski Burke, Chief Executive of… Continue reading Research confirms that childminding is different

Children have their say on childminders

Childrens straight talking, refreshing approach to life is always endearing and this certainly comes across in a series of short videos put together by Childminding Ireland. Childminding Ireland wanted to hear from children about how they feel about their childminders. ‘We know that childminders do hugely valuable work and are a cornerstone of the economy… Continue reading Children have their say on childminders

Online Resources

Here are a selection of online resources which may be of use to you and your family during COVID-19. Children’s Resources Learning Through Play Aistear, the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework has some activities online which you might find useful. Check it out here. Mental Well-being Journal A mental well-being journal for children is now available… Continue reading Online Resources

Home Entertainment During COVID-19

Below are some stay at home activities which have helped Childminding Ireland staff make things more interesting for their families during lockdown. Let us know what has been working for you and your family so we can share. Themed Dinners Let children become inventive with themes where everyone in the family has to dress up… Continue reading Home Entertainment During COVID-19

Benefits of a childminder

Choosing someone to look after your child when you return to work or training is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent.

Just as every family and the children within it are unique, so too are childminders. The variety of childminders allows parents and guardians to find the right childminder for your family. Home based care mirrors the atmosphere and flexibility of home life and allows children to grow and develop in this homely setting.

  • Continuity of Care: Your child will benefit from being in a home-from-home family environment, with continuous care from the same individual, often from babyhood through the school years, as most Childminders provide school-age care.
  • Parental Relationship: Parents are in a position to develop strong relationships with the Childminder, the person who minds, cares for and helps the child in their development.
  • One-to-One Relationship: A Childminder offers a consistent relationship, which is ideal for babies and children.
  • Replicating a Family Home: The Childminder’s home replicates a family home with a range of ages and where siblings can be minded together and therefore build close relationships.
  • Outings: Children can be taken out and about experiencing the world in a real way.
  • Fewer illnesses: There are fewer instances of sickness amongst children minded by Childminders when compared with children in large group childcare.
  • Flexibility: The parents and the Childminder can agree the details of the childcare required and this may develop to include any overnight care needed.
  • Children with Special Needs: Childminding is also valued as an appropriate setting for Children with Special Needs.
  • Insured & Garda Vetted: All members of Childminding Ireland are insured (including outings), and Garda Vetted or in the application process.

Selecting a childminder

A Childminder – that’s right for your family

This is a process that may require several visits or contacts. Typically parents are looking for a Childminder that replicates their own style of care. In order to choose a Childminder that best suits your family, it is important that your decisions are led by your family needs and priorities in relation to Childcare.

Childminders located in Ireland

Childminding Ireland has a directory of Childminders around the country and this is available for parents to search on a county basis. Parents can make direct contact with our Childminders.

You can also contact our office on 01 287 8466, for additional Childminders who choose not be listed on our website.