Childminding Ireland are proud to be the home of childminding in Ireland. We are a not for profit organisation set up and run by former childminders. We’ve spent decades championing the cause of childminders in this country. From developing ways of taming admin to setting up support groups, and advocating for our members at government level especially important at this time of change.

“I was looking for guidance, insurance and networking and I found all that in the one package. The person on the phone was great, I registered quickly, got all the information I needed and the Team are always available to help out if needed.”

Marie Paradise

A childminder is someone who looks after other people’s children in the childminder’s own home. Crucially, the maximum number of children a childminder can mind in their home at any one time, is six. This means that, unlike those in centre-based childcare, children who attend childminders are minded in small groups.

Siblings of different ages can be minded together, which makes everything feel more natural to children. Best of all, it takes place in a real home, one that the childminder has gone out of their way to make homely and welcoming.

Which is one more reason we think of childminding as home-from-home care.

Why childminding is a good job?

As a job, childminding offers a great deal of flexibility and creativity. Childminders are their own bosses so they set their own terms and fees. They work from home so there is no commuting to work. A big advantage for many childminders is that they can mind their own children at the same time as those they care for. This means saving on childcare costs while also ensuring their own children can thrive in a safe and fun environment.

Seeking Child Stars!

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2020 Childminding in Ireland Survey

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Chairperson’s Note Autumn 2020

Dear Members What a strange year, we are living through. As I write this, the uncertainty continues with Covid-19 and the restrictions to the way we live our lives. Who would have thought as we listened to reports in January of a mysterious virus in Wuhan, that it would impact our lives so profoundly. We […]

My Childminding Journey

Childminder Aideen Shares her Childminding Journey with us here…   My name is Aideen McCormack. Like you, I am a member of Childminding Ireland and have been childminding in my home for the past 18 years; what a journey it has been! When I began childminding back in 2002, I didn’t have a lot of […]

Outdoor Mud Cafe

Childminder, Angelina Shares her Wonderful Outdoor Mud Cafe   My name is Angelina McLaughlin and I am the proud owner of Ange’s Angels Childminding Service based in Quigley’s Point in rural Donegal. I opened my service in 2010 and just recently passed the 10 year mark in business. In 2009 I completed my BA Honours […]

Chairpersons Note Spring 2020

Dear Childminders, It’s hard to write a “Spring Newsletter” as we experience weekend after weekend of storms. Ciara, Dennis and Jorge have come and gone leaving our country waterlogged and some areas dealing with flooding which is causing extreme hardship for people directly affected. As I write, we are no nearer the formation of a […]